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Please check out this link regarding co-sleeping with your baby. Following the proper co-sleeping guidelines are solely the responsibility of the customer/parent! Proper care must be taken when using this sidecar co-sleeper at all times!


Keep your beautiful newborn very close at night with this cozy side-car/co-sleeper! This sleeper can be easily disassembled and stored flat when not in use, and reassembled when the next baby comes along!


The co-sleeper is made as a freestanding, fixed height four leg style; therefore, I will need the dimension from the floor to the top of the bed's mattress so I can cut the legs accordingly. Unless otherwise requested, I make the height of the co-sleeper mattress finish about one inch lower than the main bed mattress (unless instructed otherwise).


Three different wall styles are available. Standard comes with solid wood walls, but available is an alternating hole design, and a picket fence (slats) design (see main picture, it has all three wall styles).


Made out of 3/4" and 1/2" solid clear (clear in this case meaning 90% knot free) or knotty white or yellow  Pine, the standard sleeper measures 36" long, 18" wide (actual mattress area) and about 11" high at its highest point.

Found here is a couple links for 36" x 18" waterproof crib mattresses and mattress protector:


As seen in one of the picture, the sleeper is shipped flat to reduce shipping costs. All that's needed to assemble it is a Philips screwdriver. The sleeper can be attached to the bed with a little Velcro wrapped around the front legs and attached to the mattress and/or boxspring.


These are very simple designs. Again, pictured is a display unit with three different wall designs. All sleepers are custom made to order; therefore, I'll need the height of your mattress. I can accommodate pretty much anything.


Unless otherwise requested, all wood is finished with a non-toxic, environmentally and baby friendly water-based  polyurethane.


Available options include; overall size, wood staining or painting, wood species, and more. PLEASE CONTACT ME PRIOR TO ORDERING IF ONE OF THESE OPTION ARE DESIRED!


For the sake of sustainability, I'm now reusing boxes for shipping. Also when necessary, I can now make my own boxes from 100% recycled corrugated cardboard! Reduce, reuse, recycle! 


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