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A lifelong lover of working with my hands as a carpenter!

I've been a carpenter my entire adult life. Working with my hands has been a passion since early childhood, and carpentry has allowed me to fulfill that passion. 

I started framing houses as a kid before graduating high school. Framing for over 20 years in Florida, it was a great outdoor job and I loved every minute of it. Later in life I began remodeling, and prided myself on being able to do most anything within the construction process of a house. After building my home shop, building cabinets and furniture became another enjoyable profession. 

I've just recently attained a college degree in sustainability/renewable energy, and it has completely changed how I live and approach many situations in life. I live a much more sustainable lifestyle, and try to incorporate sustainability into everything I do. 

Unfortunately, years of construction work has taken its toll on my body; therefore, I can no longer perform at the level necessary to make a living working with my hands remodeling homes. I spent 10 years in construction management and I made a good living, but it's not what I want to do. 
That's where Etsy comes in. Starting a small woodworking business has allowed me to continue working with my hands doing something I love. After the last couple years doing this part time I've decided to do it full time now! I've started attending and selling at local craft shows and markets, so if you're in Charlotte, NC look for me (Craftwood Specialties) at the south end area shows and others in the Charlotte Metro area. 

Thanks for reading my story, and I look forward to your support!

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